Fight for home

These all photographs are taken on a same tree at TUNI, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Page No. 1

Taken on 23-03-2012

On a pleasant day, around 4 p.m I spotted a nest in a coconut tree. I was waiting to click the Woodpecker which was an obvious thought.

A open nest

Oh Goodness.Since when parrots have developed the skill of making holes in a tree. I was excited, in fact shocked to see this. Click Click Click… A parrot in woodpecker’s Nest.

New Folder

Page No. 2

Taken on 3-8-2012

It was all cloudy and about to rain. I thought of clicking the parrot as a wet bird, which may gives a better shot. I was confused, rubbing my eyes to see if I really saw a Common myna there or it was a parrot. Damn, it was a commom myna in the same nest of the same tree. I dint understand what was happening. Expected a Woodpecker, found a Parrot and now I see a myna..


Page No.3

Taken on 10-09-2013

I was all ready to leave that place and so wanted to say goodbye to my model(s). This was really interesting. The real Owner was there, The Woody Woodpecker(Lesser Golden-backed Woodpecker).


New Folder2

All busy in cleaning his place which was made messy by the unexpected guests.




But wait, there’s the Myna!! It actually occupied the throne. So the Woodpecker fights for his kingdom.
It was amazing to catch a scene like this on my last day.



New Folder3


I got winner at last as “Myna”

Here is the woodpecker that actually shifted his house to some other place.
A small line that I always learned “The best always survives”

Survival of the fittest”


I hope you all enjoy this story through Photographs … Thank you for your valuable time.



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